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An unlimited number of students are welcome to participate in ABCD-Repronim 2022. You are welcome to view the pre-recorded lectures, participate in NeuroStars discussions, and access course materials. A weekly hands-on data exercise is available to help you review and reinforce course content while developing practical skills in reproducible neuroimaging analyses.

To access these materials, please fill out a Student Application. The application form will ask you a few questions about your background and research interests.

Potential students will have: (i) some familiarity with cognitive science, neuroimaging, and/or psychology, (ii) working knowledge of Python 3 or familiarity in scripting in at least one neuroimaging package (e.g., AFNI, ANTS, FSL, FreeSurfer, SPM), and (iii) the ability to commit to the time requirements for the course.

Students should be willing to fully commit to five hours of course time per week:

  • 2.5 hours of pre-recorded video lectures (asynchronous)

  • 1.5 hours for data exercises reflecting weekly content

  • one hour of reading course materials and publications

We encourage students to carefully consider their ongoing commitments and discuss their ability to commit to this course with their academic mentors and supervisors.