Inclusivity and Equity

The ABCD-ReproNim Course is welcoming to all individuals, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity, class, age, or able-bodiedness.

We believe that diversity in perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and abilities is essential in fostering a community that supports meaningful and authentic learning experiences.

The course organizers strongly value diversity and inclusivity in its teacher and student membership, and we are committed to building an equitable environment that respects all community voices.

ABCD-ReproNim Code of Conduct

Course Climate

To promote a healthy and positive environment at the course, a Code of Conduct will be adopted and distributed to attendees prior to arrival to manage expectations and set the tone for the course.

Google Docs will be used during Q&A sessions to facilitate anonymous questions. This approach will be used to facilitate learning outcomes while mitigating student stress and anxiety associated with imposter syndrome and stereotype threat.

  • Senior Advisor on Equity and Diversity

    We acknowledge that while there is a deep and rich literature on how to foster inclusivity among diverse groups, the recommendations from this community are not always included in the planning and execution of research courses and workshops since that literature typically lies outside the expertise of the event organizers.

    Dr. Suzanna Rose is the Founding Associate Provost of the Office to Advance Women, Equity & Diversity (AWED) and Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at Florida International University. Dr. Rose will serve as the ABCD-ReproNim Senior Advisor on Equity and Diversity.

    In accordance with her role at FIU AWED, Dr. Rose will provide recommendations and best practices for executing an inclusive educational program, identify strengths and weaknesses of ABCD-ReproNim’s implemented plan, and provide contingency measures for optimization in order to reach program goals. More than thirty universities nationally and internationally have consulted with Dr. Rose concerning her strategies for equity and diversity in science and engineering, and we are confident that the ABCD-ReproNim course will benefit from her input and expertise.


    Dr. Suzanna Rose

    Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA