ABCD ReproNim Course

The ABCD-ReproNim Course provides training for reproducible analyses of the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study® data.

Students will receive instruction on reproducible data analyses endorsed by ReproNim, a Center for Reproducible Neuroimaging Computation.

Course starts October 16, 2020

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Course Design

The ABCD Course on Reproducible Data Analyses is a free, open, and virtual educational program based on modern active learning educational approaches and includes the use of inverted classroom practices, collaborative learning projects, and a hack week model. Using the “flipped classroom” approach, ABCD-ReproNim students will first receive didactic instruction across a 13-week online course that includes content delivery via video presentations. Additional course readings will be provided to enhance and reinforce online lessons, and data exercises will be assigned to ensure learning objectives are met. During this time, students will self-organize into small, collaborative learning groups and develop proposals for data analysis or resource development projects.

At the completion of the online course, enrolled students will attend a 5-day virtual Project Week, where they will apply the skills learned and work towards completion of their project activities and also learn to contribute to open source software.

Program Participants

ABCD-ReproNim training is targeted to students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career faculty.

ReproNim tools and services are intended to support a wide range of users with varied background, from applied users with minimal or extensive experience in image analysis, physics, and computer science to technology developers and software engineers.

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Learning Outcomes

The ABCD-ReproNim course was designed to achieve six learning outcomes:

  • ballot

    Compare different data types and resources in the ABCD dataset

  • ballot

    Compare different ReproNim computational tools and services

  • lock_open

    Demonstrate the ability to access and analyze ABCD data.

  • lock_open

    Demonstrate the ability to access and use open source software

  • assignment

    Describe best practices in reproducible neuroimaging and explain why they are important

  • group

    Develop and participate in one or more collaborative, team-based ABCD data projects

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October 16 - November 20, 2020 Online Course Weeks 1 - 6

**Winter Break**

January 15 - February 26, 2021 Online Course Weeks 7-13

March 8 - March 12, 2021 Project Week